the stores
of tomorrow.

The Autonomous
Store Platform.


Our Autonomous Store Platform is a turnkey solution for retailers who want to implement their own autonomous stores with a whole suite of APIs that can be easily integrated into a retailer’s front end, back end, and their POS systems.

Any Store.
Any Size.

We offer Automated Retail as a Service. Our Autonomous Store Platform is built with flexibility and scalability in mind. From tiny micro markets to giant superstores, our platform will scale to fit your needs.

No Lines.
No Waiting.

Our Autonomous Store Platform is built to delight your customers by providing a seamless shopping experience. No lines, no cashiers, no delays. All your customers need is a smartphone or credit card.

Real world

Leveraging powerful & proprietary computer vision algorithms, our Autonomous Store Platform creates an accurate 3D map of your store. We track every user action from entry to exit bringing the power of digital analytics to the real world.


Our modular tech stack is designed to tackle the various problems a retailer faces. Retailers can integrate the whole platform or only a part of it, getting immediate help with everything from workforce management to checkout-free shopping.

The NanoStore.

The store of
the future.

To demonstrate the power of our Autonomous Store platform, we designed and built the NanoStore - a fully automated, container sized, checkout free store. It is currently deployed with partners in locations worldwide.

Shop anytime.

Being fully autonomous means the NanoStore can stay open all the time without additional overheads, serving customers based on their convenience.

Pack it.
Ship it.

Designed with ease of deployment in mind, the NanoStore is a container sized autonomous store. This means you can pack it up and ship it across the country and even the world with ease.

Brand it.
Own it.

The NanoStore is an ideal low cost and low maintenance solution for retailers to reach a wider customer base. It can be branded as desired. Large LCD screens on the exterior and interior providing ample advertising space.

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