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A large store with a high SKU density. More details coming soon.


Albert Heijn built stores for their employee cafeteria's using AiFi's auto-checkout platform. Each store has over 70 SKU's serving several hundred of their employees daily.


Zabka deployed AiFi's auto-checkout solution in stores supporting upward of 150 SKU's for use in local communities in Poland.


Convenience stores deployed at train stations and local universities, serving 150+ SKU's are being powered by AiFi's auto-checkout platform.

“This latest concept not only makes shopping very easy due to its autonomous nature, this ‘plug and play’ store can be placed at locations where there is a temporary need for a small store [...] the store can always be open, which is useful for people who are on the road very early or very late.”

“What does shopping mean to you? How can we make the shopping experience for our customers even easier? [...] We have together with AiFi and ING, developed our first digital shop with ease of customer as a starting point. Portable, always open and digital.”

Marit van Egmond
CEO Albert Heijn

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Leveraging powerful and proprietary computer vision algorithms, our Auto-Checkout platform creates an accurate 3D map of your store. Every unique customer and their purchases are tracked from entry to exit with computation happening on site to ensure utmost privacy.

From tiny bodegas to massive retailers, our platform adapts and scales to fit your needs.

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  • No Frustration
  • No Barcode Scanning
  • No Self Checkout

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